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Asian Crossdresser - How My Crossdressing Journey Began

My name is Patrick (Pat) Young and I was in Hong Kong.

It all started when I was 5 years old. I was an innocent and naive boy, who had no idea the difference between boys and girls. I thought the differences were that girls had long hair and they wore skirts. When girls grew up, women were shorter and smaller than men. Women had breasts and they wore high heels and dresses.

I grew up in Hong Kong, which was highly populated and congested. My family lived in an old apartment and we rented two rooms out to others. The rooms were divided by wooden partitions and there were gaps between the partitions. Because the weather was hot, the doors in each room were typically opened and cloth curtains were used during the day. People only closed the doors at night for privacy.

We rented out two rooms, one room to a young couple and the other room to a family of three. The room was around 8 feet by 8 feet that could only fit a bunk bed, closet and foldable table. The mother, her daughter and son shared the room. The mother was in her mid 40s, the daughter was 20 and the son was 16. The husband was a sailor and he only returned home several times a year. The mother worked in restaurant. Her daughter Grace worked in the bank, and her son Terry was in high school. Grace wore bank uniforms to work and she wore skirts and high heels to go out.

I stayed at home with nothing much to do and I was looking forward to attend kinder garden. My mom ran a small catalog sales business at home and she usually went grocery shopping in the afternoon after Terry returned from school to keep an eye on me. Terry and I were alone in the apartment when my mom went shopping. He just left me to play with toys or watch TV. I noticed that when I was watching TV, he would go back to his room and closed the door for roughly 30 minutes. This happened very often and it became a regular pattern. At first I did not pay much attention to what he was doing when I was watching TV. A couple of times, he took longer than the TV program and I already finished watching TV program. I began to wonder what he was doing inside the room with the door closed.

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