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Another Transgender Story In Bob’s Life

I got into college right after my surgery. I changed my name into Danna and started my life at college as a ‘real’ girl. I didn’t want to have my transgender story follow me here.

Anyway, I kept one picture of me as a boy and held it on my writing desk. I told people that it was my brother whom I lost in high school. That is also what I’ve told Bob, even though we dated for 5 months at that time.

The sex was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of my brand new pussy being stuffed with Bob’s giant cock. We did it everywhere we could, and anytime we got the chance. One time we got really drunk and went home from the party to fuck.

I was down on him when he remarked “You give the best head in the world!” I was drunk and reckless and I replied “That’s because I used to have one of those!” We both froze and he just said “w-h-a-t?” I tried to laugh by force and said it was a joke. He tried to believe me and said “I truly don’t know what to think about one more transgender story”

“One more?” I asked. “Yes, my brother used to be my sister, so I’m kind of sensitive about that subject.” I sat on the bed beside him and took the picture from my desk. “And my brother…he used to be…well…me.”

I didn’t know what to expect. A slap in the face. A kiss. A hig. Beating. Bob stared for a while at me and then at the picture. Then he placed the picture slowly on the writing desk, took his cock out of the pants again and said “Where were we?”

I sucked, licked, kissed, slurped and adored the dick of the best boyfriend in the world! I took off my top so that he could cum all over my tits just like he loves to do. The second he spilled his cum, I took it into my mouth again and began sucking his cock all over again, fondling his balls.

I did it more slowly this time, only to give his cock a chance to become rock hard again, and then I started doing it harder, taking it deeper and deeper in. This time, Bob cum inside my mouth and the warm jizz made me gag and cough a bit.

Tears were in my eyes both from giving the best head in the world and from having the best boyfriend in the world who agrees to be a part of another transgender story.

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