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Another time Another Place Finale

A taxi was waiting outside. I was ushered by Richard towards the rear door and he hissed, “Don’t forget you are a girl now Charlotte and you should have been taught how to get into a taxi” In a haze of nervousness I did as I had been told. I tried to follow Renata’s instructions but it was not so easy with a real car. Richard got in the other side and issued some instructions to the driver about the centre of Roma.

He sat close to me and was holding my hand down close to my left leg with my other hand I tried to pull my dress down but still there was a huge expanse of silk stocking showing with an occasional glimpse of the welt and the suspenders at the top.

I expected the taxi driver to laugh and ask why this teenage boy was dressed up like a girl or at least to say something. He didn’t bat an eyelid and drove off as directed occasionally looking in the rear view mirror at my exposed thighs grinning salaciously.

I said nothing for fear of the driver thinking my voice was not as girl like as I hoped it might sound. Richard kept up a conversation with him in Italian. At one point I thought I heard the word ‘prostitute’ and them both laugh.

I sat looking out of the car window with my emotions doing leapfrogs – I loved being dressed as a girl, I loved the way men leered at me from the street as we went passed. On the earlier occasion that day that I had been driven by Richard, no one had bothered to look or glance in my direction now, every man we passed tried to make eye contact with me. I loved the fact that I was being mistaken for the sexy young girl I had always wanted to be but I was also afraid – what was to become of me?

We drove into the centre of Roma where the night life was beginning to hit the streets.
The taxi pulled up on one of the main streets Richard got out and came around to my side and opened the door, “Come along Charlotte darling – out you get!”

He watched as I swung my legs out on to the pavement and looked appreciatively as my dark clad legs and feet with the painted nails and toe ring slid on to the pavement.

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