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Ann and I

Last night I had an awesome experience. I was down in Fort Worth to meet a tranny I had been talking to on squirt. I got off work early, took a shower and shaved my cock and balls and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and headed down to Club Changes to meet her at four.

The bar was pretty empty, Thursday afternoon and early. She showed up right on time wearing tight jeans and a crop top. Her long, natural brown hair was in waves framing her face, her full lips bright red to match her nails and toes in flat sandals. She was about 5’4” with a big ole curvy ass and she came right to me at the bar and I ordered her a Moscow Mule. We shared a couple cigarettes and had about three drinks each in an hour of talking and flirting.

I knew from our conversations that she was on hormones for 16 months and her hot little tits, flat stomach and gorgeous eyes and lips were turning me on more in person than any video or pic ever had. We were sitting facing each other and her knees were notched to mine and around drink number two she started leaning into me and leaving her hand on my thigh.

I got up to piss after drink three and she came too. In the vestibule of the bathroom she slid into me and we kissed passionately. Her breath was liquor and cigarettes and our tongues were half buzzed and all lust. Her slim hand was stroking my hard cock through my jeans and I really had to piss but she was turning me on so much. We broke apart, went to the bathroom and when we came out she instructed me to follow her home. No hesitation!

Her place was small but the bed was big and with zero preamble we were all over each other and she was on her knees as I opened my pants and fed her my sweaty cock. She was moaning and lapping and sucking my cock, her mouth tight as she bobbed on the head and shaft. She pushed me back on the couch and really got into it, taking the time to peel off her top and bra. She also got really demanding, putting my hands on her head and ordering me to fuck her mouth and throat. She was so hot and submissive.

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