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Anal Pleasure While Girlfriend Away

It's the time of the year where my girlfriend travels back home to visit her family, so we have to fuck like animals as a goodbye. By dating a transexual i got introduced to anal pleasure, and i loved it because i took it real slow.

It's mostly when fucking my girl she puts her finger gently and rubs my prostate so i can orgasm like fire.

So as i was viewing some male sex toys i saw a an entry level bullet vibrator in a shop in Amsterdam. i proceeded with buying it . I was reading a lot of articles about anal pleasure and i decided i want to try anal for the first time after dating for a year.

Got the vibrator and went back home an hour before my girlfriend finishes work. i dimmed the lights in the bedroom, got the lube and sat on my bed. layed on my back, open a random video on Ashemaletube and started stroking my cock till it was hard. I poured more lube and massaged my anus for a while, i got the bullet vibrator and i started to gently massage my anus and it felt GOOD.

Then i turned on shuffle mode on the vibrator and started to slowly insert it into my anus. As i gently push it in, the vibrator slipped right in and landed on my prostate. It felt like heaven! I stroked my cock and started edging a little bit.

I stood up and walked with the vibrator in my ass, i went towards the closet and got the box with our sextoys. I slipped on a cock ring and a ball ring (i suggest you try one of each) I went back to bed and kept on stroking my cock, by now i had a huge hard on.

I had alerted my girlfriend in the morning of my plans, and she perfectly supported that. This led to her leaving work and arriving 30 minutes earlier to surprise me. As i was stroking my cock watching porn, my girlfriend walks in wearing nothing with a huge hard on (she walked in early and got undressed)

My girlfriend just walks straight to me and starts to give me a rim job while she reached for my lubed cock and started stroking it. As she was rimming me she started to push her tongue down my anus pushing the vibrator deeper. Soon she started massaging her cock upon my anus to lube it.

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