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An Office Party I'll never forget

I've worked for a large insurance firm for twelve years.I`m their top salesman, every year -salesman of the year. Am I cocky... you bet.I`m the best salesman, and everyone in the office is lucky to have me there. Now the ladies there always look so fine, and I get my share of skirt with most of them. Oh sure, they catch me once and awhile dating three or four of them at the same time.They`re females, they` re lucky that I` m willing to spend some money on them so I can get what I,and more sex. I really don` t care that they may get hurt,it`s all in the game ,baby. They just need to get used to that,I`m a guy with lots of needs.

This had gone on for every year that I was there. The only thing that I liked more than chasing skirts was gambling. Even though I was making a ton of money, I seemed to have this huge gambling monkey on my back. Our Christmas Party was coming up in three months and I was looking forward to seeing all of the hot babes there and getting lucky, big time. Still ,right now I needed to come up with some large cash to feed the gambling monkey. I had mentioned this to Christy in accounting while I was trying to hit on her. She told me the next day that all of the girls in the office had pooled $25,000. if I would take a bet and go through with it. This was too good to be true. Those stupid girls think that I would walk away from a bet like this." Ok Christy,I`ll bite,what`s the bet? " I said. She pulled me close to her and said that I had to go to the Christmas Party just like every year. But this year ,there would be a twist. I would attend it not as Steve, the super stud salesman, but as Kelli ,the new girl in advertising." I nearly fell off my chair laughing." So let me get this straight, you want me to cross dress, and you'll pay me $25,000.Your on !! " I said. She then got a wicked look in her eyes, and proceeded to tell me "Oh no, you won` t just cross dress,you`ll go to the party as a woman"."Honey ,what the hell do you mean" I barked back to her.

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