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Amanda at Transcend in Sydney

I just love the tgirls in Australia, at least the ones I know, they are all unique in their own way and very very sexy... Amanda at Transcend is one of my favourites...this is a story about a visit with Amanda last year... I had not seen her in a while but as I was in Sydney for work I decided to pay her a visit. When I first rang they told me she wasnt in yet and would be there in 1/2 hr, I waited around nearby to Transcend and then rang again, she had just arrived, come on in! :) By the time I got there (only a 5-10 mins) she already had another client :( I met her briefly and she asked me if I wanted to 'play with her' and to come back in 1/2 hr or so, with the look in her eyes I could tell she recognised me and she really wanted me to fuck her brains out, how could I say no ;)

By the time I saw her again, I was so horny I just could not wait to get her on her back. We started kissing in the reception room and I was massaging her lovely tits and she was grabbing at my cock through my pants. I could tell it was going to be a good session.

When we were on the bed together, we started with more kissing and me sucking on her lovely titties. She started playing with my cock and it was not long before she was sucking me like there was no tomorrow, I was in heaven. We then lay in a 69 and started sucking each other for a time before she begged me to fuck her hard. I had hoped that she would fuck me but I think she had been active with her previous client and was not ready. What the hell, I threw her legs over my shoulders and sank into her, moving slowly at first, as always she was nice and tight, and then fucking her so hard I thought the bed would collapse. Amanda was spurring me on by teling me to thrust deeper and harder and I went as deep and as hard as I could. She absolutely went off and I'm sure her pussy spasmed to a nice anal orgasm, we were both exhausted! Then she lay on her stomach for a while and I gave her the best massage I could, working my way all over her body and when I massaged her feet she told me I had really won her over :)

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