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I was at a customers' house doing some yard work as they had paid me
in advance for just minor clean up, pulling weeds, mowing, trimming the
hedges. I was finishing trimming the hedges in between the neighbors and
their house and as I finished up the neighbors' wife came out or so
I thought.

She politely smiled and waved to me and I nodded trying hard to act as
if I was not noticing her in a skintight bikini with a lacey French cut
bottoms. She could tell and began to tease me by dropping her towel and
turning her back to me showing her pear shaped bottom with the long legs
leading down the red high heels.

I finished the hedges trying hard to not watch her while watching her
the whole time although I was sure she could tell I was, I cleaned up
the shavings from the hedge. She began applying tanning oil to her body,
first her arms then her shoulders and gently sliding her long supple
fingers down to her bosoms rubbing the oil in deep and slowly sliding
her fingertips into her top enraging her nipples. I was getting very
turned on by this and acting poorly as if I was not looking in the first

I picked up my tools and began to walk out the gate opposite the
neighbors yard and stopped at the truck and muttered to myself; "You
moron, if you like her go and talk to her she was obviously into
you." "Yeah, shut up." I responded aloud like a moron. I
laughed when I noticed there she was now at the front window of her
house peeking out at me watching me.

I slowly walked back into the backyard and began removing my shirt and
washing with the hose, when I hear; "Would you like to use my pool?
I mean if you don't have somewhere better to go." She said
looking at me across the now lowered hedge. Now I knew why the customer
wanted his hedge lowered, his neighbor was incredibly beautiful and very
sexy. "Yes, thanks I would but I don't have a suit." I said
hoping to tease her a little bit. "I do, or you can go without one
no one else is home around here anyway. Everyone else works during the
day in the neighborhood." She said licking her lips.

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