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Alleyway Adventure

I was on my way home from school and this girl in those tight yoga pants and a shirt that showed off her huge boobs taps me on the shoulder as I walk past her. "Want to have some fun?" She asked smiling. Nodding I said "Yes I would love to." Taking my hand she lead me down the street to a alleyway that goes so far back you can't see anyone. She then turned around and took off her top, her nice perky boobs out and brought my hands up and let me squeeze them and play with them. Meanwhile I felt her hands undoing my fly and belt buckle, as I played with her boobs and she started to play with my cock working it up to the point that I was rock hard. Slowly, she went down on her knees and pulled my pants down. Smiling she brought her mouth to my cock and started sucking me off. It felt so good. She started fast, deepthroating my shaft as soon as it was in her mouth. This lasted for a good five minutes, and then she finally stood up and took off her pants. She wasn't facing me, so I just watched her ass while she took them off. Then she turned around and showed me her 7 inch dick. She then grabbed the back of my head and without waiting for me to say anything forced me to suck her off. It was fast the entire time. It was the same thing as she did for me. Deep throat, and suck as fast as you can. After a few minutes she stopped and said "Now fuck my ass slut." Without hesitating I grabbed her waist and put her on all fours. I then put my rock hard member up her ass. Ahhh the pleasure. I fucked her for ten minutes and started jerking her off as I fucked her. Moaning she eventually said "I can't stand it! Im going to cum!" I pulled my dick out of her ass and came with her. All the jazz on her stomach was so hot. Then I put my dick in her mouth and fed her my piss. Smiling she said "Come back anytime." Smiling I said "For sure babe." I left the alleyway with a great sense of pleasure and returned the next few days. I will go again soon.

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