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All The Transexual Stories Came To Life

I’ve spent my adolescent years reading the transexual stories whenever I could. I had a long process of self analysis trying to figure out if I were gay or not, so I wanted to find a shemale who could be my first and see if I even like being fucked or sucking a dick. Thanks to the sex personals, I didn’t have any trouble at all to find Molly.

She was tall and slender and had big tits that could easily be a double D size. Her legs seemed perfect in those amazingly high heels and her bubbly butt stood perky. Just like in all the transexual stories, the girl was perfect. I couldn’t wait to see her cock.

And there it was. Perfectly shaped, big, pulsating, shemale cock right there in front of me. I was scared and aroused, and Molly noticed and gave me a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, you won’t break it.”

Those were the words I needed. I grabbed that cock and started sucking on it like crazy! Molly seemed a bit surprised by my enthusiasm but she gave in to the pleasure soon enough. I could feel that her cock was getting harder and she pulled it out of my mouth.

“Steady now, boy! You don’t want me to come too soon, now, don’t you?”

“Are you ready for the big thing?” I nodded and the fear was back. However, I pulled down my pants, turned around and left my ass in the air. She spread my butt and rimmed my hole with her tongue. After that, she jammed her tongue inside it and lubricated me with her saliva.

I could feel the cold lube on my ass and I was shivering with anticipation. And there it was, just like in the transexual stories, a gorgeous shemale was riding me like the there’s no tomorrow. Her huge cock was sliding in and out and at first all I felt was pain. However, it soon turned into the pleasure beyond my wildest dreams.

I was almost sorry when she came inside me and wanted it to last longer. Molly realized what was going on, and told me to come back tomorrow and we’d have a whole-nighter. Of course, I came back for more, and I didn’t really care if that made me gay or not! I enjoyed every second of it!

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