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Alicha the Saudi Arabian and how she became a Transsexual

It all started that one day when I deleted my friend account in one of those paid games and he lost so much he forced me to repay him by any means necessary...I was very young so I had no money but he suggested a way to repay him. It was sucking his cock and giving him a blowjob. At first I refused but later I had no other option so I submitted and gave him a blowjob. I didn't want to suck his cock but after turning him on he forced me to suck it and I was weird but I enjoyed it I was good that I kept sucking his soul out of his cock! Then he came and I swallowed it because it tasted weird but also good. After that he kept paying me money to do it again instead of paying him. I again became submissive and did it everyday until one day. He dicked me down with his cock and that's why my ass became a cum dump and I became a TS.
He simply got horny and just forced me to do French or Doggystyle and without any warning gave me the most enjoyable fuck in my life and I won't lie I tried to resist it but he is a fat man so the moment he ride my ass was the moment all of his dick went inside and thanks to me. I sucked his dick and it's wet so that helped him fuck me easier but the first time was so painful but...was the most enjoyable I felt his cock spreading my ass and his weight pounding my sissy ass and his balls hits mine it felt so great that I became his sex slave. I stopped taking money whenever I feel horny I give him free sex and I started riding his thick cock and made him cum a lot.
Now I live alone and we got separated but I didn't stop I went from one man to countless men and I never felt happier than ever when I make someone cum because of me :$ and that's it

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