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Alex pt.2

I could not believe it, me and Alex exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. As I pulled Alex closest to me, I could feel a little nub poking what are spandex. Immediately, that made all the blood rush to my cock. Indeed, Alex felt my man meat get hard and big, even more, Alex let out a soft moan. However, we stopped kissing and we were both in a little bit of shock. I mean, what if somebody had walked in the bathroom? and we look so bad for the school and for Alex, she was the reason why the bathroom was implemented and now here we were getting hot for each other.

Admittedly, I cannot think logically and all I cared about was exploring more of Alex's sexy tight little petite body. As Alex looked at me with concern, I took her hand and guided her into the stall. That is, she she did not offer any resistance and we both made our way to the stall and I locked it. At this point all bets were off, Alex instinctively grabbed my Big Stiff cock, and I helped her unzipped my jeans. "oh my God" Alex gasped. " I've never seen anything like that my whole life." At this point she was stroking my dick in the stall, and let me tell you it felt good. I started squeezing and rubbing her plump little butt. Alex was getting really turned on, although she would give off signs of being nervous, Alex was just horny as I was.

Next, I couldn't believe what Alex did to me. She' sat on the toilet, closing the lid, and then proceeded to put those soft wet lips around my cock . My eyes literally rolled to the back of my head, Alex's mouth felt so soft wet and warm. As a reflex action, I thrust forcefully into Alex's mouth, and caused her to gag, I could tell Alex was really getting into it. Anyone who's ever got a b******, will know when the other person is getting really excited. and then, as time froze all around us, and Alex was stroking my shaft and bobbing up and down my cock with her mouth and tongue. I could not help it, I grit my teeth and felt myself come so hard, those first two squirts blasted the back of her throat and it really went down her esophagus, into her belly.

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