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About me

Since about 5 years ago that I realized that I enjoy wearing female clothes (only in private),
trying plausure to undress for those few friends aware of the hidden desire of being female.
At such times I feel really a whore ready to fulfill all deepest desires of my partner.
Currently I'm alone so there are not many opportunities to have sex, so I need to tell my story.
It's hard for me because I live in apartment with other people who do not know this side of me.(I think)
I love getting naked slowly while he is seated to masturbate knowing that I'm ready to give myself
completely to him.
My desire is to have sex with several men possibly at home or better outside,knowing that someone is watching.
I'd like to start doing it also by cam,knowing that he wants to touch me.
That one makes me really excited.
In these situations I feel me really a bitch and I enjoy that I should not lick his cock when he cum,
but I can fill in a glass with my juice and drink it all in front of cam.
but especially knowing that someone could enter in my room or back home and discovery my secret.
Maybe in my deep, I hope this becomes for real and he screw me excitedly in front of the cam then.
It excites me to know that somewhere in the world there is someone who is sharing with me this experience
and that perhaps he will remain only a cam's friend.

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