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Abi's Virginity taken by Intruders

Abi got very little time to be herself, A closet TV, sharing a small two bedroom flat with a male friend, it was only once every few months or so she got the flat to herself and could dress up sexy and be her proper girly self, and tonight was one of those nights!

Although she had no plans to meet anyone, Abi bathed and shaved completely, moisturised and got her make-up prepared, gorgeous, sexy and slutty. Wearing her fake silicon breasts under a cute lil pink with black lace bra and a lil pink thong with thigh high white stockings. She fetched her favourite skimpy size 8 pink dress and put it on, her curly redhead wig was next followed finally with her 4 inche white stilleto's which put her to a height of 5'8, her ass popped out and she was overcome with how sexy she looked! Now was a perfect opportunity to take some pictures for her twitter account, she loved all the appreciation she got online and never had to show her face so got even naughtier knowing her secret was safe. Her photoshoot began with sexy ass pics in different positions and her full pink lips sucking her big cut 8 inche realistic cock dildo before she got out the baby oil, and began drizzling it all over her ass and lubed it ready to take some pics of her being fucked by it, she was getting increasingly horny, the smell of her perfume englufed her, she breathed it in as she knealed face down ass up on her bed and worked that fat cock toy inside her, 'mmmm' she whimpered as it opened her up and rubbed on her G-spot as she took it to the balls there was a slam outside her room in the hall!

Half twitching from pleasure but half terrified of being caught she threw herself under the covers, her flatmate should be abroad for the weekend and noone else had a key to the flat, she lay silently, becoming more worried, she heard murmering in the flat, and with her toy still in her she got out of bed to listen closer by her door, her shoes clanged on her wooden floor and as she leant to listen by her keyhole the door flew open knocking her in the face and sending her flying to the floor, the person entering the room saw her fall face down and a big toy dripping with juices come sliding out of her peachy ass, she lay half dazed on the floor and a large smile grew on the face of the large man entering the room!

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