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A Wonderful Ordeal

Don and I had met on the internet in a chat room. Over the course of a month we had gotten to know each other and had shared our fantasies. Don was very dom and enjoyed the fact that I was very sub. I had shared with Don one of my favorite fantasies in which I'm abducted and forced into sexual servitude.

Don was a cross country trucker and came through my city very often. We had talked about meeting and living out our fantasy. He was married but was interested in being with a sub TV. He made arrangements for a long stay over in my city so that we could be together for the weekend. In his last email to me before we met he asked when I would need to be released by because once we started he wasn't going to believe a word that I said. He told me that I would be his for the weekend and once we started he wasn't going to stop. I told him that I was his till Monday morning and agreed to meet him at the bar of a restaurant by the interstate.


I took Friday off of work so that I could get ready for my meeting with Don. I shaved all of my body hair off and glued a set of false nails on. I was dressed and ready by noon but was not going to meet Don till 6 pm. We had discussed a role play where Don would abduct me from the parking lot of the restaurant. I was dressed like I had just gotten off of work. I was wearing a black suit with a skirt that fell just above my knees. I wore a lavender blouse under my suit jacket. Under the suit I wore a black bra and panty set, black stockings, garter and half slip with a 1 inch lace hem. A set of black heels and black purse completed the outfit.

I packed a suit case with some other outfits in case Don was really serious about playing all weekend long but I didn't really have much hope that he would. From experience I found that most men were done when they were satisfied.

I got to the restaurant a little early and parked in the back in a lonely and dark spot. I entered the restaurant and was surprised to find it packed with families having dinner.

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