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A Trip to the Beach

I had known Stacy for about three years, but I had never known about her little secret. That day when it was revealed changed everything for me, and for Stacy too. We were the greatest of friends, spending almost all our time together. We had come as close to each other as lovers but as two women, neither one of us ever made a move.

My tale begins during the heart of beach season. It was a beautiful sunny day. I had suggested to Stacy that we take a trip to the beach and enjoy some sun and sea. But Stacy told me she didn’t own a bathing suit. The perfect excuse for shopping. I could have kissed her.

‘I think, with your shape, a really skimpy bikini would look great!’ I told her, my cheeks flushing a bright crimson.

‘I don’t know about me,’ Stacy replied. ‘But I know one would look great on you!’
I flushed again.

Stacy had always been shy about her body. In all the years I had known her she had never been as adventurous with her style as I was. But that was going to change. I was sure of that as I pictured my friend in a nice string bikini. My mind filled with the images of getting her home and pulling her out of it too.

I could feel myself blushing again.
‘So…’ Stacy said in a coy manner. ‘Where’s the best place to grab a cool costume?’

‘I know a place,’ I smiled my most devilish smile, knowing she was picking up the not-so-subtle hints I was throwing her way.

I scooped up my keys off the table, subconsciously counting each one as I did. Already I could feel the moisture building between my legs. I felt alive, exhilarated. Hoping my scent wasn’t evading my moistening panties. Just the thought of seeing my long time friend’s beautiful body excited me.
Right then I wondered if Stacy felt the same. Sadly, she just looked nervous, chewing on her bottom lip.

‘Come along then Stace. Let’s get going,’ I said, trying to keep things light.

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