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A straight guy who experimented.

I am a young straight guy. I had a close friend who I also worked with at one point. He told everyone he wanted to be a woman. Eventually after losing weight and working out she lost a lot of weight and began taking hormones. Eventually changed to a woman with tits and everything. She became skinny and toned up. She was dressed very gothic alot. She had a great ass. She had tits that weren't too big or too small. They were perfect. But she still had a dick. One night I she told me her and her girlfriend broke up. I kinda started liking her more when she started talking to me. She began flirting with me. I work nights and on my lunch break I drove by her place to pick her up and we drove by a park where there was privacy. We talked a bit more and we said we liked each other. Leaning in closer I felt my dick getting super rock hard before kissing her. She started rubbing my cock and we eventually moved from the front seat of my car to the back. I was on top of her while she whispered in my ear soft and seductively about how big my dick was and she wanted my dick really bad. She star6ed stroking it through my pants while I played with her beautiful tatted tits. I asked if I could fuck her ass but she said another time. (which I never got to). But it doesnt end there. I was limited on time but we were in the heat of the moment. She pulled my dick out and began sucking my cock. She slobbed all over it. She gagged on it. While sucking my cock I slid my hamds down her pants andd began rubbing and playing with her asshole. She was very clean shaven. She asked me about how smooth her asshole is. I complimented by saying how much i wanted to please her and cream inside . My fingers almost slipped furthe down. The lowest it touch was before the bridge going to her ballsack. The more I played with her asshole she suck me harder and harder until I cam in her mouth. I even kissed her directly after. And now I feelings for her and she is with someone else. I should have chose to be her beccause I now can't stop thinking about her. I would even consider letting her to be the first to fuck me in the ass. I use to be against thigs going inside me. Now I fantasize about letting a really feminine chick with a dick fuck my ass ever since I found out I like trans girls.

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