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A Steamy Shower With Desi

We are in Vegas for a vacation and we are having a blast. It is getting late in the afternoon so we head back to the hotel to get ready to go out that night and have some fun. We take a nap in the room and I wake up first so I go hop in the shower. You wake up shortly after me and hear the water running. You are wearing a long white tank top and some purple cheeky panties. You get up and walk over to the bathroom and peek in to see what I am doing. I am washing my body and my cock is half hard and just hanging there. You lick your lips and suddenly all you can think about it playing with my hard cock. You think for a moment and then get an idea. I am standing in the shower minding my own business and I see the door start to open and you walk in wearing your white tank top so I smile at you and you smile back. You stop in the middle of the bathroom and lean forward pulling the bottom of your tank top down and your ass is pushed back a little. You smile at me and lick you lips and make kisses at me while you sway side to side holding your shirt down. I smile back flirting with you a little while I rinse off and watch you tease me through the walk-in shower windows.
You sway side to side for a minute or so and then stand up and put your hands in your hair and then slide them up above your head extending them up as high as you can. This makes your tank top slide up and I see your have hard cock hanging there between your legs. You move your hips and thighs as you slide one hand down the other arm and back up again. I smile and call you to come to me with my right index finger so you walk over to the glass and press your cock and chest up against the glass while licking your lips and teasing me. You put your hands up on glass and push against it. I walk up to you and push up against the glass as well. You lean in and kiss the glass where my neck is and start making your way down my body kissing the glass as you go. You get down to my cock and lick the glass. I can't feel anything you are doing but it feels amazing and is turning me on.

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