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Gayness courses through your body. Your sissy cock soft but tingling in your gloopy sheer g-string, Toes slipping in their stockings pinched just right in high heels. Running your tongue over lips painted and glossy. Here you are. This is what you gave up your life for. This is why you gradually cut yourself off from friends. Why you sabotaged your career. Why you will never achieve anything in life more than being a queer sissy faggot.. The hunger to indulge in the ultimate gayness has consumed you. You are baffled by the expression mouthed by most sissies of the humiliation of being a sissy.
For you it is quite the opposite, you feel only pride and power, the power to attract and seduce both men, women and other sissies.You know you are a special kind of creature that is endowed with a perverse anima making you the ultimate expression of human sexuality capable of luring and capturing the bodies and souls of those that venture into your decadent world of sissy faggotry.You are a goddess of kink that revels in being seen in public wearing the most outrageously bizarre fetish wear, tightly laced leather or satin corsets or cinchers squeezing your waist to a provocative hour-glass figure, towering stiletto heeled shoes and boots clicking on the pavement as you swish and mince as a limp-wristed sissy faggot.

The smell of your sissy precum smeared on your stockinged thighs sends you into a desperate frenzy of faggotry, moaning and writhing. You imagine smooth balls and sloppy cocks sliding through your slippery fingers and brushing below your nose and against your hungry lips. Your smooth sheer hosed knees rub together and you feel your pussy gape and spasm dripping your sissy juice. You hear the people in the street laughing and having fun with each other. You are alone lying on your back, stockinged legs raised and thrown over your head. Face as close to your pathetic little cock as you can get. The smell of your warm g-string and hosiery filling your mind with delicious perversion.

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