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A night out with Tamanna

We had been chatting online for a few weeks , when Tamanna said she would love to come it with me.
The doorbell rang at my flat and I wobbled on my stripper shoes to the door. The butt plug Imwas wearing made me squeeze my ass cheeks together and gave me a wiggle in my black latex dress to die for.
I opened the door and there she was for real.
She looked gorgeous, a red headscarf framed her cheeky smile and her pink lippy set off against her rammed skin, made her sooooo kissable.
We kissed on the cheek and she came in. Her red shoes went beautifully with her outfit and I just wanted to jump on her there and then.
" are you ready?" I asked. " to rally" she said. We were about to live out a fantasy, in my world with the chance of sensual overload if we were very lucky.
Tamanna and Imjumped in a cab and headed for my friend Diane's house. We snuggled up in the back and checked that the driver could see us necking and talking excitedly about what was to come.
Diane was an heiress with a large house in a smart part of town and the door was answered by a gorgeous tranny in a basque ands stockings, her girl cock held hard with a diamond studded cockring.
She took our coats and led us to Diane's playroom.
The furniture was exquisite and already d****d with trannies, boys and girls making out and barely clothed.
" oh you're here, come wih me!" A voice called,. It was Diane , refs pendant in a PVC catsuit, smoking a cigarette from a long holder.
Tamanna looked nervous, and I squeezed her hand. We were led into a small room and ordered to strip. Diane was a woman you never said no to.
I stripped down to my red underwear and stockings. Tamanna was wearing the cutest white underwear, and she looked so slutty with her red shoes.
" no, leave your hijab on " Diane commanded, she wanted Tamanna to wear the symbol of her faith, as she was used and filled with cock.
We were led through to the room and our hands tied lightly behind our backs.
Two padded stools were placed in the middle of the room, and, facing each other, we were bent over the stools and our knickers pulled down to our ankles.

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