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A Night of Lust

I was out at a night club with a few friends, and we were there for for a while before I noticed this sexy, rather short girl across from me at the bar looking over. I could tell, even from this distance that there was something special about her, I wasn’t sure what that was quite yet though. The more she stares the more I feel the need to go talk to her. But I don’t, not yet. I’m not ready. The night goes on and she goes off into the crowd, every now and again she catches my eye, usually dancing with another guy. Every time I see her, she sees me. She more than sees me, she’s eyeballing me as if to say “this should be you, this guy I’m with right now. But it’s not, so what the fuck are you going to do about it?”. She’s daring me to come take her from the guy she’s with. So I order a shot from the bar, not breaking eye contact with her, I pound it. I approach the two of them and look at the guy, then at her & back at the guy. “Beat it dude” I say, he’s smaller than me, and he can tell that she wants me, and not him. So it doesn’t take much effort to take his place as her new dance partner. We dance a while before going over to the bar to get some drinks. By this point it’s late in the night and my friends are trying to leave. They come over and ask if I’m going with, I tell them no, and that I’m going to stay a while longer, “it’s okay boys, I’ll take care of him” she says, before winking at them.

We dance a little more, and talk a lot more. By the time we’re even half way through our conversation the lights come on and the crowd has dwindled down to a handful of people. I lean in and kiss her on the cheek, thanking her for a great night and asking for her number. “Thank you for a great night? Oh honey, our nights just starting” she says taking my hand and leading me out of the club and into the street. We flag down a taxi and hop in, I give the guy my address and we’re on our way. I’m only a short drive from the club so it shouldn’t take long for us to arrive. We continue talking in the back of the car her occasionally making out, and some light touching, nothing too frisky just yet. But enough for us to both become horny, and if we weren’t in the back Of a taxi we’d be ripping each other’s clothes off.

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