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A New York Adventure - My fantasy

It was my nephew Simon’s stag weekend in New York; I really didn’t want to be there but my sister insisted and my wife and daughters backed her up. My useless brother-in-law had deserted his family years before and I was expected to be a guiding influence; and so Simon, several of his friends and I departed Heathrow for a long weekend in the Big Apple.

By unspoken, yet mutual agreement, on the first night I became separated from Simon and his friend’s and found myself alone on 5th. I spotted a small bar that looked welcoming and so having several hours to kill I entered. The bar was busy, but not crowded and I found a bar stall next to a gorgeous looking black female who I estimated to be in her early 30’s. She flashed me a welcoming smile when I sat down her milk white teeth dazzling against her milk chocolate skin. As the evening progressed I chanced some surreptitious glance and was impressed by what I saw. Her black figure hugging dress enhanced her firm large breasts and finishing at thigh level gave me a perfect view of her well shaped legs. She totally took me by surprise when she leant over and asked me to mind her stool whilst she used the washroom. As she swung those long legs off the stool I got a great flash of her lacy white panties that stood out like a beacon against her dark skin. I watch mesmerised as she glided to the washroom on her stiletto heels, her firm ass swaying in the tight dress.

When she returned she thanked me for minding her stool and I offered to buy her a drink. At that moment the fact that I was married with two children was irrelevant, after all I was thousands of miles from home and what harm could a couple of drinks do. She introduced herself as Danni and told me she just loved my English accent. The couple of drinks turned into four or five and we moved to a dark recess of the bar where we engaged in some heavy kissing, her tongue penetrating deep into my mouth as I fondled her wonderful breasts. One thing led to another and we ended up in my hotel room.

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