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A Lady Indeed (Part 2)

As I came around the corner, I didn't see her having coffee outside the tat shop so I stopped and backed the bike into a parking space across the street. I lit a butt and while letting out a stream of smoke, got off and headed over to see how she was doing. I saw her as soon as I walked in, still stretched out on the table as Chaz worked on her bum.
"Hey baby," she giggled, "Chaz is having too much fun playin' with my arse, shouldn't be're wearing leathers, you got the bike fixed!"
"Bloody hell! Lay still Tracy!" yelled Chaz as he swatted her sharply.
"Hey, that's no way to treat the boss," she cried, "Jaaaack."
"How are you doing Chaz?" I asked as I looked over his artistry.
"Good mate and yourself?" he replied as he kept working on the tat of a phoenix rising from the flames. At the base of the flames was a red heart with a gold J in the middle.
"Fine, fine," I replied, "looks like you've created another masterpiece my friend."
As Tracy got off the table and smoothed her skirt, I thought how ravishing she looked with her thick black hair cascading over her bare shoulders, how her light colored blouse contrasted with her dark, smooth skin.
"Come on up to the office babe," she said with a twinkle in her eye, "I've got to finish up some paperwork."
Following her into the office, I quietly shut the door then gripped her shoulders as she came to me, almost picking her up as we kissed intensely. She moaned as her hands slid up under my vest and she dug her long nails into my pecs.
"Oh baby," she purred as she began nibbling at my neck, and I inhaled her musky scent.
One of her hands slid down and rubbed the bulge in my jeans, and my cock began to strain against the denim and leather. She dropped down to her knees and unzipped my jeans with her teeth, then pulled my cock free and lustily devoured it. While sliding her hand up and down the shaft, she massaged the head with her mouth as she sucked.

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