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A friends fantasy for me....heehee

Hello MY Sweet Gorgeous Lover,

I have been dreaming about you again last night, after looking at your pics and watching your vids... And OHHH...when in close-up I could almost TASTE your lovely salt-sweet milky white cum....MMMMMMMMMM...DELICIOUS!!!... To see your GORGEOUS "Love Tool" (is it 6" or 7"? and its "companions" whether resting inside your tights/pantyhose or bare (and either before or after action) or poised for action or in full swing, it's always a sheer DELIGHT... And giving me visions of me putting my tongue to the very rim of its "helmet" and very lightly and (indeed teasingly) and gently licking it in its most erogenous spot, thus spurring it into releasing its delightful juices, before licking it and kissing it (all the way from the rectum and then balls up) along its firm shaft (and all around it), cuddling it with my lips and tongue and fingers (ohhh...Johnnieeee...I am getting hard just THINKING about it...MMMMMMMMM...), before folding my lips over its lovely sweet and half moist "mushroom helmet" on which a little (bus tast growing) milky droplet has formed... And my brains flashes "...PRECUM...YUMMIEEE..." and next I taste it's salty-sweetness in the centre of my tongue (MMMM..Delicious)... Cupping your sack and gently but notably kneading it I slowly start moving my head up and down allowing your Love Tool to run its own litttle marathon on my tongue, pacing up as I go and using 2 fingers of my other hand inside your delightfull arsepussy moving then in and out at the same speed as my head goes... And every time your clittycock goes down I suck it back up as hard as I can, making you groan and moan and whine and yelp with sheer pleasure... Right up to when you cannot hold back any longer and you simply HAVE to release your "nectar" and I receive a mouthful of it, briefly analyzing it on my taste buds before swallowing the lot eyes closed... Then when I feel you softening again I gently let go of your beautiful sweet cock and turn to your wonderful nylon clad feet, eagerly putting my lips and tongue to your lovely sweet reinforced rednailed toes (sucking them one by one and then all of them foot by foot), before putting my nose to your reinforced soles and heels and catching their lovely sweet smell (ohhh.. SENSATIONAL)...

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