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A Fantasy Fulfilled

I usually comb through the web for cool first experience stories involving men and CD gurls. I realized that I should also contribute my own, however. Mine occurred years ago when I I’d just broken up with a long time girlfriend that I’d been living with since my college days. I was in a financial bind and had to pack up to live at my parents’ home for a short time. As I was unpacking my boxes as well as processing the grief of the end of a long term relationship, a sudden thought came over me and broke through the surface of my sadness. That thought was that I was free, even if only briefly, to finally explore an attraction that I’d kept secret for so many years. That attraction was to male-to-female crossdressers. For years, I’d experienced this constant burning flame inside of me but never shared it with anyone. It was something that I attempted to shed, thinking that it was merely a faze. But each time, it would come back with the ferocity of a beach ball breaking the surface after being held under water. I would discretely slip into adult bookstores and into the video preview booths, stoking the flames of this attraction with the likes of trans porn superstars such as Crystal Crawford, whom I’d quickly developed a huge crush on during college. The fact that I was unattached meant that I would have the possibility to determine if I could actually go through with this attraction that obviously would not go away.
I worked in a video store in a predominantly gay and lesbian neighborhood. On the surface, some would have said that it was a precarious place for a straight man. But first, I was supportive of gay and lesbian rights, and secondly, I would look forward to the occasional sightings of gorgeous gay crossdressers. During those occasional sightings, I would keep my attraction to myself, while inside, my hormones were skyrocketing each time one of those gorgeous crossdressers came into the store.
There was one gurl that I’d always admired. She was a tall, beautiful Latina CD who went by the name Raquel.

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