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A day to remember

so I'm on a business trip and decide to call an escort to make this trip worthwhile. set up a time for an afternoon date call when I get to the parking lot. she answers the door in a nice skirt and top on invites me in and we procede to her bedroom. from there stood the sexiest black tgirl Ive laid eyes on. she askes me to get comfortable and shes already has that beautiful cock peeking out from under her skirt. she must of liked what she saw cause her 9 1/2 beauty is at full throttle, she guide my mouth to her cock to which I went to work on that beauty while shes spit lubing my asshole for whats to come next.before I know I'm on all fours being punished by this amazing woman.she exployed in a frenzy all over my asshole, the feeling of that hot cum dripping down my crack drove me nuts she offers me a shower but when I come out she at full mast again I cant resist so I tell her how great her cock is and start sucking her again. she then wants round two and fucks me even harder than the first time this time exploding on my face. so I get dressed and go on my way after small talk. she then calls me in an hour telling me how good my pussy was nd wants me to come back for more.doesnt take me long to get over her place for round three this time she takes her time cumming fucking me for an hour before exploding on my asshole again. well I went back to my hotel and slept and the next day in my meeting my hungry but sore ass way so satisfied

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