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A day of fun with Desi

It is a Saturday afternoon and I am coming over to your place to hang out. I pull up out front and walk to the door. As I approach the door, I see a note taped to it. I get to the door and read the note. It says, "The door is open some come on in and sit on the couch". I take the note down and open the door and head inside. I close the door behind me and walk to the couch and see another note on the table. I pick it up and read it as I sit on the couch. It says, " Sit back, relax, turn the TV on, and ring the bell if you need something." I look at the table and see a bell sitting there. I am a little confused as to what is going on, but I go with it and sit back and put my feet up. I turn the TV on and it is on the baseball game I want to watch. I get myself situated and ring the bell. You are in the kitchen and hear the bell ring so you head out to the living room. I are you come around the corner and get a huge smile on my face. You are wearing a tight French maid outfit with a very short skirt that barely covers half of you ass, the sleeves down over your shoulders, your hair down, and no shoes. You walk towards me and I look you up and down, soaking in what I am seeing. You walk over to me and hand me a glass of whiskey as you bend over at the waist and kiss me on the cheek.
"Welcome to Desi's Sports Bar." You say with a big smile.
I just smile back as I take a sip of whiskey.
"I'm Desi and I will be your slit for the day." You add.
"Thanks for t drink." I say before taking another sip.
"First thing, no shirts or shorts allowed in here." You say.
"Really?" I ask playfully.
"Absolutely. Now get them off." You say.
I do as I am told and take my shirt and shorts off. You take them from me and toss them in another room.
"What about my underwear?" I ask.
"Leave them on." You tell me.
I leave my underwear alone and sit back down on the couch.
"Would like some appetizers?" You ask.

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