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A Big Celebration that goes sides for me

I'm reading my book when she enters. I hear a clatter of keys and I look up, to see framed in our little entry way the tall figure of my roommate. She's standing there as in triumph, legs planted apart, her face all smiles. I smile too. Geena never looks this happy, I've never seen this side of her.

"What's up, G?" I say, sitting up straight.

"I did it," she announces excitedly. "I got the job and I aced the final, I did it all!" Her voice has risen above its usual rich alto, and I can even hear a little tremble of excitement; this almost as much as her words brings me to my feet. I run over and hug her, squealing.


"Thank you so much for your help Tina," she says, hugging me back. We barely fit in the little entryway, which is really just a space between the open closet that's built into the wall and the tall bookshelf we placed there just for fun to make a little hallway into our dorm room. Annie down the hall has a little ramp you have to step onto and then walk down, it's cute.

I step back to let my roommate take off her shoes and her dark jacket. "What are we gonna do to celebrate?" She looks back at me from the closet and giggles.

"Oh I don't know. I don't mind just hanging around." Geena doesn't go out a lot. I think she is a little shy, even though she doesn't seem like it at first, with the way she always takes charge. She is so pretty too, in a way you would call unconventional I guess; her nose is too bumpy, her face too pale and broad, her black hair too messy for her to catch the eyes of dumb boys the way the deep-fried blond girls do, even though really she looks like some kind of exotic Italian starlet... or maybe a little like Ferris Bueller's girlfriend in that movie, with her generous, chocolate eyes, larger than life somehow. Plus she is taller than some of them, and she comes on strong, just looking straight at you and asking whatever question she has. I saw her making out with a guy once, at the one party I could get her to go to, but she wouldn't talk about it afterward and it didn't go anywhere.

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