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8 Steps to Convert to T-girls

Step 1: Foreign Tranny Temptations

In Istanbul I found myself walking down an alley and looking toward the windows, where beautiful trannies gazed at me, inviting me to come in. At this point, I had already started beating off to tranny porn and I was in love with the idea of shemale ass. Thick, juicy shemale ass paired with a meaty cock. I loved the way shemales mounted a cock, sucking up all of it balls deep, and I couldn't get the image out of my head as I stared at the Turkish trannies who called me. I approached a window, asked the price, and told one to let me in. I entered a living room full of half-naked trannies of all colors and sizes, their tits exposed and their cocks bulging in tiny little panties. I had to pick between them all, which was no easy task, and I ended up with a milky-skinned, thin tranny with pitch black hair and perky tits who took me to a room, covered my dick with a condom and started sucking away as I fondled her breasts and almost came immediately. Eventually, she got on the bed in a spoon position and told me to fuck in her broken, English accent. I was ultra nervous. It was my first time with a tranny! My dick shrank and I thought, fuck, not now of all moments. My performance anxiety is something that happens to me every now and then with women I've just met, and I've always been the type who needs to get to know someone and feel comfortable to keep my dick up. As I opened up her ass, she looked back and asked what was wrong, grabbed my cock and pumped it a few times before jamming it in her ass. I was in! I started pumping her wet ass as she moaned and within a minute I came so hard because I was too excited and lost in the newness of it all.

I left feeling like I had cross the threshold. I've fucked a tranny, I thought. Oh shit.

The next day I returned and chose a thick legged, big-assed, brown-skinned t-girl who took me to her room and started sucking away with love, her hands fondling my balls and her lips running across my condom-covered head.

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