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34C – 26 – 39

34C – 26 – 39. It’s not a part of my ID card number, these are proportions of my shemale figure.

Breast implants - and I have 34C-size of my boobs. Girdle on my waist makes it just 26 inches in girth. And my butt is really 39 inches in girth. Don’t I look sexy?

-Stacie you must take part in this contests, - Nick, my lover and pimp, said to me. – Do you know “Tranny 2000” contest?

-Nick, do you really think I stand a chance?

-A chance, babe? They must be blind bustards if they don’t let the best ass in New York win!

To prove that, he pulled me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed, pulling off my panties. Then he jumped on the bed too, getting his dick in my mouth. When the cock was hard enough, he turned me on my belly and owned my butt in one mighty thrust. He was brutally fucking me for some five minutes, cumming right into my anus. Then he took his half flaccid pecker out of my hole and made me suck into it. He loved me to suck his cock after it had been ramming my asshole. He kissed me then. I used to hate sucking his dick before. I didn’t like to lick off the sperm from my rectum, but believe me the taste is much better than it seems.

Then we decided to rehearse my walk during the contest. I was walking round the room with a book on my head.

-Great, babe, now let’s go shopping.

In a sex shop we bought a hot bra and a girdle twice as small as I usually wore.

- Stacie, we must make your waist look smaller if you wanna win the crown, - Nick told me.

We also bought fishnet stockings, garters, and a special belt to hide my dick. I saw how other transsexual babes did it. The last thing we bought was white silk panties.
We bought high heels in another store.

-Those guys at the contest will all be envious of you.

I had my hair dyed and done in a salon. Tranny Nancy, owner of the saloon, was happy to put on my make up. I had to give him suck my dick, as a payment.

Nick sent me home.

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