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3 day I became a satisfy of men's desires

My name is Lely Bella Calistia, I'm an asian shemale and I'm an entrepreneur and I have a side job as a singer at some cafes.

At that time my friend asked me to be a singer in the wedding, and the place is very far 4 hours journey, and when morning I immediately headed to the airport, then 4 hours journey finally arrived and I immediately took a taxi and headed to the hotel, when I immediately remove my clothes then bathe, after shower I sit on the sofa with just a towel and watch tv, 1 hour watching tv feels bored while the wedding ceremony tomorrow and I'm 5 days in this city, then it occurred to me to go shopping, then I put my bra and panties then I wear tanktop, hot pant and high heels. Then I took a taxi to the mall, when I got there I bought clothes and cosmetics, then I went back to the hotel.

The next day the wedding started, and I became a priest there then after the show I met my old friend one of them named Lisa she is the same as me a shemale, she works in discotheque to satisfy man. The moment after the show I went shopping with her she told me many things, and she invited me to work with her while I was here, the night she picked me up, she told me to dress sexy then I wear a thin silk blouse and wear a transparent bra and looked from my silk blouse and my chest looked stand out and wear cotton mini skirt.

At 10 o'clock at night, Lisa and I went to the taxi to where her friends were gathering, after I saw many shemale gathered standing by the roadside near the discotheque where Lisa worked, they one by one climbed the car that approached them. Then I invited Lisa to go meet her friends, then they welcomed me and praised my appearance. Many cars passing in front of us after half an hour of luxury cars pulling up in front of us, then Lisa approached the car, after which Lisa called me and was seen in the car there was an old man and I went up to them, then the old man wanted to spend the night with me while seducing me and his

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