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Hot for Teacher
Jack was enjoying his going away celebration, as he prepared to move from teaching high school to college. He had spoken with many of his former students, and found it endearing that so many of them cared enough to show up at the party. By the end of the evening, though, there was still one young wo... Read full Story
First time experience...
This happened on one of my trips to give you alittle background about myself... I'm a straight guy, but for years I had fantasized about being with a trans,,,but was always too nervous or scared to carry it out. Anyway...after a nice long walk on the beach and a shower at my hotel...I... Read full Story
Hitchhiker's Delight
Hitchhiker's Delight Last week I was driving down the east coast heading towards the Gold Coast when I spotted a gorgeous looking hitchhiker. She was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her slender tanned legs very nicely and with the way her large breasts were only just contained in he... Read full Story
A Fantasy Fulfilled
I usually comb through the web for cool first experience stories involving men and CD gurls. I realized that I should also contribute my own, however. Mine occurred years ago when I I’d just broken up with a long time girlfriend that I’d been living with since my college days. I was in a financi... Read full Story
She Rocked Me
I first saw Connie on a warm and bright Autumn morning as I walked through Soho, from Greek Street to Cambridge Circus. She was standing in front of Ed's Diner on Old Compton Street and was a delight to behold. She was about 5' 7" and had a slender build, and a pretty face with full lips, lovel... Read full Story
‘Fuck yes! Yes Daddy! Fuck me like a little bitch!’ I scream into the pillow. My arched back allowing my partner full access to my greedy asshole. He slams harder in response. One leg bent, pointing a pink glossy stiletto heel towards the ceiling, bouncing against my stocking clad legs. Straig... Read full Story
The Backdoor
It was only my first time in the club and my hands were shaking beyond control. I almost didn't make it through the front door I was so nervous. I felt so out of place. Everywhere I looked, it felt like people were staring at me, judging me. It was like they knew I had no clue what I was doing. ... Read full Story
My Futanari Dreamgirl
My Futanari Dreamgirl I opened the door and there it was, just swinging between her legs. Big and veiny with a bright pink head. My roommate Jesse didn't notice me walk into the bathroom. She had just stepped out of the shower and was toweling off her hair. Her eyes were covered by the towel... Read full Story
My first taste of shemale cum
This horny story was posted at our forum by a guy named Capablanca who seems to have finally admitted he prefers playing with shemale cocks over playing chess. ;) I have already described my first encounter with a shemale - an amazing experience. One thing I've been looking for since that first e... Read full Story
Shemales in Barcelona
Due to my job, I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Once I had to travel to Barcelona and the complexity of the meetings required that I had to stay there for about 2 weeks for consultations with customers. After long working hours, normally we went for a nice dinner (nothing better than begin the... Read full Story