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The best feeling
It was this Halloween. I and a group of friends decided to dress up and go out for some drinks at my college. So we went and got our costumes. So oobviously i dressed up as a girl for some cheep laughs. I wore a blonde wig, a scarlet dress, black g-string, heals and since i live in Norway, a stuffed... Read full Story
My way to shemale sex
It all started with porn. 10 years ago, i was watching porn on my bed, jerking off watching a girl sucking a big cock. I looked at my cock and started wondering what that beautiful peace of meat tasted like. After a few moments of hesitation, my curiosity took over and i put my back against the wall... Read full Story
Losing my virginity
I have always thought that sex with a shemale would be amazing. I dreamed about sucking and fucking a hot gurl. When I was a freshman at university I got on Craigslist and saw an ad for a t gurl who was traveling through town. I sent an email and she responded very quickly. We made plans to grab dri... Read full Story
Goth Trans Girl Confession pt1
This is true confession. A journal entry of sorts. Sep. 2009 Anyway, I would say that my family is pretty open, at least compared to most of the families of trans people that I personally know. That doesn't mean that I didn't have a difficult time as far as there understanding when I my... Read full Story
My First Time With Tranny
I found a listing for escorts in my area. I was browsing the adds I found tranny's add. For some time now I have had fantasy that I fucked one in ass while I was stroking her cock. I called this girl told her what my fantasy was so she set a price and time for us to meet. We meet at this motel ... Read full Story
MY New Experience with Shemale in Pune
I was browsing on Planet Romeo one day and i came across this profile of Nisha shemale in pune. I sent her offline message and second day i got reply that she is available and she charges around 2.5K. then we exchanged contact numbers and i spoke to her and negotiated with her for 2k and she agreed.... Read full Story
Shemales in Barcelona
Due to my job, I had the opportunity to travel a lot. Once I had to travel to Barcelona and the complexity of the meetings required that I had to stay there for about 2 weeks for consultations with customers. After long working hours, normally we went for a nice dinner (nothing better than begin the... Read full Story
Becoming Lisa
From when I was as young as 9, smooth and long blonde hair, I was always dressing in my older sister's panties and bra, panty hose. My breasts were kinda girlish and i had long nipples that would get hard when I played with them. I was older now, but still only had a small 4 inch cock when it was ha... Read full Story
My Dream pt 3
Our first invitation arrived at the end of September. Sydney spotted it first and tossed it into the trash with out looking at it. She didn't tell me what it was and I didn't bother asking. The next invitation arrived two weeks later. This one Sydney opened and after reading it she passed ... Read full Story
Las Vegas Lounge
I frequent the Las Vegas lounge quite often when possible. I have meant and dated several trannies and crossdressers. One of the girls I was dating was a tiny very feminine black trannie with a cock so big that when she tucked it between her ass it almost came over the waistband of the back of her p... Read full Story