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One of my real life stories with a post-op

This wonderful story was published at our forum, and, honestly, it was the first sex story involving post-op tgirls that I read, and I can't hide the fact that, although the girl had no hard one, it was still very exciting! Thanks for publishing it man!

I was on vacation in Japan, and I went out to experience the nightlife often. I was with my little brother, so being with him all the time, I had no intention of going to TS bars. So we were at a straight bar, and he drank a bit too much and couldn't continue drinking, so I sent him on a train home. I was having great conversations with some people I met there, so I decided to get my mind off sex and stay at the bar.

Luckily, the trannies came to me this time! 3 Filipino girls came to the bar, and I knew something was up right away. I know a lot of Filipino TS get jobs in Japan working as entertainers. I actually know a couple Filipino TS in the USA, who told me they lived and worked in Tokyo for years. I also know that they pass really well, and love to go to straight bars and hook up. These girls were pretty, and many straight men, who had no idea, were very interested in them.

Now I wasn't sure either, but I knew something was up about them. So I kept looking for clues. For one, the girls had pictures of themselves posing on their cell phones, like most TS, very narcissistic. The girls were also constantly looking at themselves in the mirror, another TS trait. I was becoming pretty sure that these girls were TS, and I knew I would find out if they said one word. The word "Bakla" in Tagolog means something amongst the lines of " Gay " or " Fag ", and it is considered derogatory. Yet, for some reason, just about every Filipino TS calls eachother "Bakla". I live in an area with many Filipinos, and straight people do no use this term when addressing another straight person.

So I listened to the girls from a couple seats away, and eventually I heard the girls bust out with " BAKLA !" and that's when I knew they were TS. Come to think of it, 2 of them weren't that passable if you really looked. We just happen to be in a foreigner bar, where white men are so drunk and unaccustomed to the Asian look, that they would never be able to tell. Unless you had spent the last year and half of your life dating a Filipino TS and meeting all her friends, picking up on their habits, looks, etc.

I started talking to the prettiest one, who I had a feeling was post op. She was the center of attention to all men at the bar. Perfect ass and big tits, well dressed in a little tanktop and blue capri pants. She was about 5'7 with long black hair. I knew she was post op because she was not afraid to rub her crouch against me, whereas her younger friend, who didn't pass as well, was uncomfortable wearing her short skirt. I dunno, call it a sixth sense, but I would bet on it. To make a long story short, we chatted and she bought me a few shots. We were both feeling drunk and getting a little touchy with each other. This eventually led to a point where one of us decided to go home, and invite the other person with us.

Let me take a quick break from the action though. First off, I love pre-ops, and this was my first time with a post op. I know most of us on these forums are much bigger fans of a long cock over another typical pussy, but lately it has driven me wild. Ya see, I think some of the sexiest TS stories are when a straight guy hooks up with a TS, and has no idea. There's something about tricking the straight guy, who would flip if he knew that he messed around with a " Guy ", that really turns me on. Plus, these girls to me ( I know everyone has different views ), are at one point, gay men who would never have a chance to sleep with straight men. So when a TS can not only pass as a girl, but look so damn sexy doing it, that straight men line up to hit on them, I guess I feel it really powering for them, which I find sexy.

Especially now, with Post op trannies. I mean, these girls could hook up with a straight guy, get fucked, and the guy would have no idea while the girls gets off like some could only imagine. Hell, she could marry the guy and he would never have a clue. " Oh honey I just can't get pregnant ! ". Yeah I can think of a reason why you can't.

Back to the story, we get back to her place and she tells me she will not have sex with me. She makes my bed and says I can sleep in her living room. No way would I let it end that way. So I see her go to the bathroom, and she leaves the door open. So I get up, although I had no intention of doing anything but trying to sneak a peak, and walk by the bathroom. Her panties are down and she is peeing. Sexy, but damn, she doesn't have a cock ! So that lead to a little flirting and I don't remember all the pieces, but she ends up laying with me on the floor in her living room.

The sex isn't as interesting as a pre-op sex story, in fact I didn't even penetrate this girl, but I will post my pre-op stories another day. An interesting event was that she had me hard as hell, thinking that I had no clue. I got off knowing that she thought she had tricked me. I think sex is very mental for us TS lovers. You may ask "Well, are you sure this wasn't a real girl?". Well her pussy was not like any real girl's pussy. It was harder, and to be honest, there wasn't any true outer lips. It also was a lot dryer and sex would involve lubrication. The post op pussies are looking a lot better nowadays, and the girl needs to spend a lot of money to get a "passable" pussy. I could also tell this girls asshole had been reamed many times in her pre-op days, as it was not tight whatsoever.

So she rubbed her "pussy" all over my face, and all I thought was about how amazing and strange the moment was. Heres someone born a man, rubbing her crouch all over a straight guys face. I say straight guy, as she had no clue that I loved TS. She thought I was a typical young college student looking for a real girl. I got harder as she rubbed her pussy on my face, as I was basically just feeling what a post op pussy felt like and getting off mentally. She really wanted to see me cum, which is more of a tranny characteristic than a real girl trait. They have a little more passion for cock and seeing cum. I cummed right after her roommate came in and did a little strip tease ( she stripped to her panties, then took her panties off as she turned around, as to not let me see her genitals. I wonder if she had a cock ?). Her roommate looked at my hard cock and was very impressed, but she had a guy with her that I'm sure needed some pleasure.

For me, when I think about a post op TS going to a straight club, going home, and getting fucked by a straight guy, it drives me nuts. It turns me on more than anything in a mental aspect. Finding a little cock too would probably get me off more though !

In the end, I was disapointed she did not have a cock, but was happy to find out what a post op felt like. To think of all the straight men that she brought home and had sex with, simply amazing. But again, I'll take a hard one in my mouth or ass any day of the week.

Anyways, thanks for reading, I'll be sure to post some pre-op stories soon, which I think are a bit more interesting . Plus, we all love " first time with a TS " stories " !

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