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My Rape Fantasy

I want to be raped. I need a forceful guy to fuck me when I’m completely unable to stop him. I’m a crossdresser who is an anal virgin, and for years I’ve wanted to lose it, but never had the courage. I’ve dressed and cammed and come so close to being fucked, but always wussed out. So if I don’t have the courage to do it willingly, I need someone to take the decision out of my hands.

I need someone who will be forceful, convince me to give them my address, invite themselves round and not take no for an answer. Someone who will ignore me when I tell him I’ve changed my mind and plead for him to stop, and go ahead fuck my asshole anyway. No safewords or anything like that; I’d only use them to stop. As soon as I let the guy in, that’s me consenting to him doing what he wants to me; whatever it is he wants to do to me. From that point on, nothing I can do or say can stop him getting his cock inside my virgin ass and fucking me.

I know this is a crazy thing to ask for, but it’s want I need and I will be grateful for it afterwards. I can’t explain just how aroused I am by the thought of finally being used as a slut. I want to be dressed in my lingerie, stockings, suspenders, corset as well as wig, fake nails and lashes, short skirt and tight top, dressed like a real tart, ripe for fucking. I’m so turned on by the stupidity and danger of it as well. I want him to tie my hands behind my back as soon as he comes in, so I can’t fight back. I want to be completely helpless and at his mercy. If he wants to fuck me bareback, straight in my ass with no protection, I can’t stop him. If wants to pull his cock out my ass and force it down my throat so deep his balls bounce on my chin, I can’t stop him. If he wants to film me, screaming and thrashing about, tied up and helpless, as he takes my anal virginity, I can’t stop him. I would even say at the start of the film I consent to it all in advance. I’m almost cumming writing this.

I’ve taken toys in my mouth and ass before, but always wondered what it would be like with a real cock. I’ve practiced deep throating my toy, forcing it in until I’m almost sick. I have to stop then, but if someone was holding my head and pushing, I know it would go right down my throat. I want my nose pressed into my rapists pubes, his balls touching my chin. Or the other way round, over the edge of my bed with his balls on my nose. Held like that, little face-fucked slut taking her master’s massive cock.

Get a few pictures for the album . . . Some nice pictures of me staring up, wide eyed, my arms tied behind my back, the very base of the shaft just visible under my lip. I’m sure you can see it now too. Maybe a video of the cock sliding out, showing just how deep it had been, and me panting and gagging, saliva and pre-cum dripping from my open mouth. Begging him not to do it again. . . shaking my head and pleading. . . tears smearing my makeup. Then the horror in my eyes as he rests his cock on my tongue and starts sliding back in. Holding my head and pulling me onto him, until once again he’s balls deep in my face. It’s not about stimulation, it’s about raping my face. It’s about being forced to take another man’s member into my mouth, right down into my throat. Mouths are very intimate things; we kiss with them, express our emotions with them, eat and drink with them. Touching tongues with another human should be a special thing. Allowing anyone near your mouth should be a romantic and exciting shared experience. That’s why I want a man I’ve never even met before to ram his hard cock right into my mouth – to teach me what a fucking little slut I am. To not care about me, but to use my mouth as a fuck toy. To force me to use my tongue, something so sensitive and personal, to stimulate a random strangers cock. To him, my mouth and my tongue are just something to be fucked. I want no respect.

And how much more do I want the same for my ass. . .I need, so desperately need, my ass to be used as a hole for fucking. I need it to be raped. I can see it now, what it would be like if I was being filmed. I’m bent over the table, a collar round my neck is lashed to the leg, so I can’t stand up. I’m begging and pleading him to stop, that I’ve changed my mind, as the camera pans round. My stocking’d legs are slightly parted, tied to the table at the knees, my thong pulled down slightly to show my lovely white ass cheeks, framed by my suspenders. My bound arms are pressed against the back of my lacy corset, so all I can do is wiggle them helplessly up and down a little. The shot zooms in on my ass, shining slightly with lube. I can still be heard crying and whimpering for him to stop as he pulls my cheeks apart and rubs his cock head against my little hole. Desperately I beg him to wear a condom. . .

If I had any safewords, or hadn’t agreed that just letting him in was consenting, this is when I would stop things. This is when I would be saying I’d changed my mind and it was a mistake. This is why I need raped. This is why I need to be tied up and completely at the mercy of a random stranger who will, in fact, show no mercy. He’ll ignore my pleading. He knows that I agreed to this in advance. He knows I need, so desperately need, his cock inside me. He’ll direct his dick against my hole, still bareback, and push. As I beg and cry, he’ll keep pushing until. . . in one moment, I lose my anal virginity. With a long moan, he slides the rest of his cock up my ass. And that’s the most important part done for me. I’ll have started on my journey to becoming an anal whore. I would never have let him do that to me. If I wasn’t tied up and helpless, I would have stopped him and wussed out again. But as I strain against the binds on my neck, legs and arms, crying and screaming, I needed to be raped.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. . . I need him to properly fuck my ass. I want him to enjoy stroking my legs and bum, the lacy bits on my corset. I want him to take advantage of my whole body. He can use me however he wants, and I’m sure he’ll think of plenty of perverted ways to use me I haven’t thought of. And I won’t be able to stop him. And that makes me so horny. But first I want him to fuck my ass like the worthless little slut I am. I’ve taken toys before, but always controlled the speed I fuck myself, working up to a proper rhythm slowly. I don’t expect a rapist to respect that. I expect him to stick his full length right up my virgin ass in one go and get banging away immediately. I want to hear him moaning and groaning as he rubs his full length through my hole. I’m bound so tight he can shag me however fast and deep he wants to. However badly I respond at the time, I know right now I want him to grab my hips and push as deep as he can. I want him to use all his strength to get his balls bouncing right up to my hole. I love the idea of feeling his firm grip on my waist, pulling himself into me, feeling his body pressing into my ass cheeks as he squeezes that final bit inside. Oh fuck I really need that. Just like my mouth, I’ve pushed the toy in so deep, but I need a forceful man, with a real cock, to take me that little bit further. To feel his whole cock inside me.

And when he pulls it out, shining with lube, precum and my juices, he comes round to my helpless mouth and makes me lick him clean. He makes me run my tongue all over his rigid cock that only seconds before was balls deep in my ass. It’s such a lovely abuse of my mouth, tasting and cleaning my own ass juices off the cock that has just raped me. The only thing that turns me on even more than thinking about it, is thinking about being filmed or broadcasting on webcam doing it. Once he’s done that, I just want him to abuse me. To stroke my whole helpless body and fuck my mouth and ass however he wants. Doing me ass to mouth time and time again. I can’t control where or when he cums. It’s crazy to let a complete strange cum bareback deep in my asshole; squirting his fresh hot semen deep inside my bowels. But that’s what a real rapist might do. Or cumming over my face. Perhaps he could cum in my ass, injecting his seed into my body, then untie me from the table, drag me to the shower and piss all over my face. After that make me kneel at his feet whilst he watched porn, sucking and licking his cock for hours, until he’s ready to face fuck me properly and cum over my face and in my mouth. Make me hold his jizz on my tongue and show it to him before swallowing it.

I’m not interested in being sucked or fucking someone, I want someone who only wants to use me. Someone who is only interested in being the first man inside my asshole, and then fucking me like the little whore I am.

So, would you like to do this to me? Have you got what it takes to rape me? I need a proper dominant man to help break me in like this. I need someone who won’t take no for an answer and will use me. Like I said at the start, I’ll consent to it all, so you can film it as you rape me. I’d love that; introducing myself, that I’m a virgin and I want abused and raped hard and I’ve agreed to tied up and fucked however you want to. Make me into a slutty pornstar so lots of guys see the movie and wank off to my distress and humiliation. That they’ll cum imagining it’s them forcing their way into my mouth and ass. Oh fuck, now I’m imagining them being able to contact me and arrange to rape me themselves. . . for a price.

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