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Caught Crossdressing by a Real Man

This story is a continuation of night club cum slut.

Ever since I first wore panties for a boyfriend, I had built up a collection of lingerie. I gradually worked up from panties to the most erotic lingerie I could find. My fascination with cross dressing went a little further with a new fetish for leggings which evolved into full cross dressing and make up around my house. I had only ever been out in public fully dressed once and wasn't sure whether I would ever do it again. The problem I have with my lingerie is that between wear, relationships and hook ups it was getting a little worn.

After earning a bonus at work I had decided to splash out and treat myself. I had been shopping for an entire new wardrobe of lingerie and spent a few hours in a specialist store that catered for cross dressers. Everything I could have ever wanted was in the store from lingerie to breast forms, nipple enhancement creams and wigs. Along the way I had picked up some fetish items, new sex toys, lubes and a sexual experience from the personal shopper (that is a completely different story). I was desperate to try on my new wardrobe and hurried home.

I dropped the bags down, kicked off my shoes and quickly stripped off my clothes. I was excited, turned on and horny and couldn't wait to try on some of my new clothes. I picked up a feminine pink baby doll with matching thong, it felt really girly when it fell against my skin and my cock started to harden and stretch the thong. Next up was a satin bodysuit with suspenders and stockings; it was a black, peephole, sexy piece of lingerie that fastened under my balls. I attached a pair of nipple clamps over my nipples and admired myself; I was going to enjoy wearing this. I quickly took the bodysuit off and slipped into a red lace peephole bra and crotch less panties, I was so horny I started to rub my cock without hesitation. I jerked off wearing my bra and panties but wouldn't let myself cum, I had spent a small fortune on lingerie to be a sissy boy and I was going to enjoy myself and to add to my pleasure, I still had my new toys to try. Discarding the bra and panties I wriggled into a satin baby doll and bikini panties, I loved this sensual piece of lingerie, it was one of my favourite buys, it hung tight to my body and then flared out at the bottom with a furry trim. My front room was covered in lingerie with sex toys dotted around, I looked for my next piece to try on and spotted the PVC maids uniform, panties and stockings. I had never had a full PVC outfit before. They took a little time to get on but felt amazing once I stood fully clad in PVC.

That was when my front door opened. In my haste to become a girly model I had not locked my door. A huge guy walked into my front room and I stood in front of a man who liked to fuck me hard. Brian was a bouncer at a nightclub; well it was more of a pick up joint. After a few drinks too many, we had hooked up and I learned that besides being a thug in his job he was also a thug in bed. Then after he caught me getting paid for sucking cock I had given him my ass again. He had pestered me to stay with him at his place but I had not given in and he had asked to see me that night before he went to work. I had told him I was busy but he was obsessed with his cross-dressing slut as he called me. Now I was dressed in my new PVC stockings, panties and French maids outfit with a pile of new lingerie and sex toys spread across my front room and a horny Brian checking me out.

He had already missed me trying on some of the other lingerie; unfortunately he had walked in when I had decided to try on the fetish stuff. He smiled like a kid in a candy shop, picking up my dildo pants, black rubber with a dildo inside, I had wanted them for ages and plucked up the courage to add them to my cart.

"No point in wasting an opportunity and since you're ready for me, lets get busy."

He walked over to me and ran his hands under my short maids dress, feeling the panties and then my ass. Brian forced me down over the sofa, my dress rising up and exposing my arse. Then without warning the bastard slapped my PVC clad arse.

"You are a real slut; I bet you'll do anything I want."

Another slap followed and another, making my ass cheeks sting and almost making me cry. I love to be spanked but this was pushing my boundaries. My poor butt must've been bright red by the time he stopped, pulled me up and turned me round. I sat in front of him as he quickly undressed; his hard, thick cock sprang up as he took his underwear down. Brian didn't have a long cock, but it was thick and he knew how to use it.

I sat on my knees facing him; he laughed and wiped his hard cock, wet with precum, all over my face. I opened my mouth expecting to suck it and he slapped it across one of my cheeks and then the other. Then lifting his cock up with one hand, he tilted my head back and pushed his fat balls onto my face and into my mouth. I squatted down further and he almost mounted my wet face, his balls were forced into my mouth by his weight, although I would've sucked them anyway. He allowed me to suck his sac while he jerked off, stretching my mouth with his full bollocks.

His hand was rubbing his cock harder and faster, I didn't want him to cum yet and waste his spunk but I was in not in any sort of control. Luckily Brian wasn't ready to give me his jism, instead he stood up, pulling his sac from my mouth and then bent over on my sofa.

"Get up here and lick my ass, get your tongue up my hole."

I did as he asked, gripping his cheeks and spreading, I leant in and gently licked his hairy arse. As my tongue ran over his hole he looked back and called me a good girl. That changed when I pushed inside his anus.

"Oh yeah, you whore, tongue my ass."

I knew he wouldn't return the favour but being submissive I didn't care. My sub side told me to stop whining and please my top. My tongue pushed in and out of his tight hole and licked firmly over the top before flicking back in, I grabbed his balls and played with them as my rim job pleased him. Brian was swearing at me, telling me how good I was, my own cock was stiff as he praised me for being a slut.

As my jaw started to ache, Brian told me to stop and move back. I was kneeling down, watching as he turned round and faced me. He grabbed a handful of my hair roughly

"Open your mouth bitch, I know you want to suck my cock but I'm going to fuck your mouth instead."

I opened my mouth and he rammed his cock inside until my nose was buried in his pubes. I gagged but he laughed and used it as his sign to begin, he used the handful of hair he held to force me up and down on his dick. Knowing I was going to have no choice, I reached to grab his chunky ass. He pulled his cock out and pushed me over.

"You need to learn your place, only touch when you're allowed."

He grabbed a pair of pantyhose lying on the floor, pulled my arms behind my back and tied my hands together tightly. When he was sure I couldn't move, he pulled me back up to my knees and grabbed my hair again. I was so turned on that any fear I should've felt was gone as soon as his cock parted my lips again. Brian rough fucked my mouth, grunting as he bottomed out and laughing if I gagged; he grabbed a second handful of hair and used my mouth as his personal pussy. He wasn't gentle but if he was it would've felt wrong, I needed him to be rough and dominant and he didn't disappoint. With my hands tied behind my back and a mouthful of cock Brian had me right where he wanted me, screwing my mouth with glee as his balls bounced off my chin. I looked up and saw him close his eyes, his grip on my hair tightened. I started to moan and he followed before yanking me forward hard. As his balls hit my chin his cock started to pump his cum down my throat, I gagged slightly and tried to swallow it all.

Brian pulled his cock out of my mouth and a mixture of cum and saliva dripped down my chin onto my shiny maids dress. He bent down to me and kissed my lips.

"Good girl, but now I want to fuck you so bend over that chair."

I struggled to get up and he helped, as I bent over for him he took my panties off and threw them to one side. Then he left me bent over and exposed. I looked around to see him rooting through my new things, picking up a bottle of lube, my ball gag, dildo and flogger.

"Whoa. You are seriously fucking kinky. I like it rough but you are a real fucking whore. I knew you were right for me from the first time I fucked you but now I want to own you."

He squirted some lube onto my exposed ass, fingering it inside my hole for good measure and then squirting some more on. Then he put my ball gag on before he shoved my dildo inside my ready fuck hole. I felt it stretch me as he rammed it home without waiting; it was a realistic feel plastic cock but having it slammed inside me stung. The ball gag stifled my scream and muffled the noises I was making. Brian laughed and then the flogger whipped my ass cheek. Now that felt good, it was a soft leather cat o nine tails and it felt great as it flicked against my skin. The dildo started to move in and out of my ass, slamming in as the flogger hit my cheek, he was working up a rhythm and I had to take it, tied with pantyhose and dressed in a PVC slutty maid dress and stockings.

Every slam of the dildo made my cock swing forward and I was dripping precum before the first crack from the flogger. The harder the thrusts from the dildo, the more I felt close to orgasm. I was screaming into the ball gag as the hard fuck continued. Brian dropped the flogger and spanked me with one of his huge hands, as soon as I felt the sting of the slap my balls emptied and I started to cum. Brian was still ramming my arse with the dildo as my cock erupted and I ended up with cum on my dress, the chair, the carpet and my legs.

After I had cum, he stopped fucking my ass with the dildo and stood up. I was a mess, sweaty, cum dripping, cross dressed in PVC, gagged, and tied with my own nylons and a dildo in my used arse. What more could a girl want? The answer to that was a real cock. Brian had rested long enough to be ready for me and quickly throwing the dildo away, he replaced it with his fat dick. I was shattered but he was ready and he mounted me and slipped in, balls deep, easily. He grabbed onto my shoulders and started to fuck me, his balls were slapping against me from the first thrust and he only got harder.

"That feels good, you like that you like it in your hole don't you? You're arse feels so nice."

My ass was being violated and used and I loved it, even if I couldn't say so. My cock was softening and swinging with every movement, I was spent but he did feel so good buried up inside me, stretching me and screwing me. He kept panting, calling me his slag, over and over, he loved my warm, open ass pussy and the dildo fucking had readied me for him. My shoulders ached as he gripped hard and pulled me back onto his prick, impaling me hard on his chubby dick. When he grabbed my neck instead of my shoulders I panicked, last time he did this I almost passed out. This time he gripped firmly and pounded away, having cum once already I hoped he would be close. My little soft cock was slapping away as Brian screwed his gagged and tied slut. I tried to squeeze my ass tight; he grunted but carried on loosening my ass. My arms were starting to feel numb and my ass was feeling the same. I squeezed once more and he went crazy, pushing harder than ever and squeezing my neck as he bred my used arse.

I started to feel dizzy and pushed back onto his cock almost collapsing and impaling myself harder. Brian shouted out and began to squirt his seed into my rectum and let go of my neck. I felt dizzy as he pulled out of my ass and unfastened my hands; he rolled me over and watched as I slumped against the chair.

"That was pretty intense; we should definitely start seeing a lot mote of each other. We could get pretty fucking kinky."

He gathered up his clothes and started to dress as I took the ball gag off and slowly came to my senses. I dragged myself up to my feet and took off my maids dress, standing in front of Brian in just a pair of PVC stockings. He put his coat back on and then stepped forward, grabbing my hair and forcing his mouth onto mine, his tongue deep into my mouth. I put my arms around him and he let go of my head and gripped my ass. He kissed me roughly and groped my used ass for a few minutes before letting me go.

"So can I come around again after work, maybe stay the night. You know it'll be fun."

I thought hard about it.

"Not tonight, I need to recover from your hard cock. But tomorrow I will have tidied up and rested. Who knows what would happen if you stayed over."

Brian grinned from ear to ear and left to go to work. I stood in the middle of my living room trying to replay what had happened and what could happen when I submitted to Brian again.

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