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February 5, 2015 4:47 pm
Today our dear reader Marc tells us a story about how he met his first and the only transsexual lady in life. Way back in 1988 I was a poor student in New Zealand, my first year at Auckland Uni and going it alone in terms of study fees and books. I had a bad toothache and couldn't really afford to see the dentist. I put up with the pain for so long until me sister suggested I call a friend of hers called Jenny. Jenny was what we call in NZ a School Dental Nurse, all kids are entitled to free dental treatment until they reach 18. I had met Jenny several times over drinks at parties, her and ... [read more]
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February 3, 2015 4:47 pm
This is a guest post from our reader, Richard In Houston. He met a beautiful young lady, Terry, who taught him to "suck like no other". An awesome shemale story to read, if You ask me! I was separated from my first wife the first time it ever happened to me. We had only been separated for a few weeks. I was working in New Orleans and was driving around the French Quarter in my car when I whistled at what I thought was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen as she approached the entrance to a club on Toulouse street. Perfect breast, perfect legs, slim waist and just a beautiful l... [read more]
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February 1, 2015 4:47 pm
This shemale story is not your usual one as it's written by a lesbian girl Jamie and it involves a very sensual description of sex with an Asian ladyboy. Enjoy reading! Well as an openly gay Lesbian woman (submissive as I say) a long way indeed. My friend in Bangkok, Soo is a beautiful, articulate, and an intelligent woman who like me shares a delight in certain fetish interests. Those being latex, smoking on the right occasion, rubber gloves, KY and enemas. A typical session with my lover Soo has me pandering to her every need and enjoying her hospitality in her well appointed Bangkok apa... [read more]
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January 31, 2015 4:47 pm
Story written by ila. I maneuvered my car through the heavy traffic of west London. I was on my way to see Keliana, the love of my life and the most beautiful woman in the world. Work had kept Keliana and I away from each other for the last two weeks. Longing to see my darling lent urgency to my trip. Keliana and I had planned to have a late dinner and well we would see where the night would lead us. I screeched to a halt in front of Keliana’s apartment block. I jumped out of my car and bounded up the stairs. Keliana’s apartment is on the fifth floor, but I wasn’t going... [read more]
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January 29, 2015 4:47 pm
Michael led the way out to the car. The front of his pants was bulging visibly; in anticipation of what was to come. Right behind was Gina who was caressing Michael’s tight ass, with one hand. Outside Michael put one arm around Gina’s tiny waist and the other around Rachael’s equally curvy waist. They stopped at the passenger side door and Michael kissed both of the girls before unlocking the car. Rachael’s lips were incredibly soft and sensual. Michael felt his cock rising again as Rachael probed his mouth with her tongue. Gina and Rachael climbed into the backseat ... [read more]
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January 27, 2015 4:47 pm
Today we're publishing the first part of another lovely story written by our reputable forum member Ila. I believe You'll love it too and reading it will surely make you horny! Come back soon for the continuation of the story. ;) Gina stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel. She quickly dried herself off and then turned towards the oversized bathroom mirror. She turned left and right examining herself with a critical eye. Gina was satisfied with what she saw. At a petite 5’ 4” and a featherweight 116 pounds her body was perfectly proportioned. Gina was pleased to notice that... [read more]
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January 25, 2015 4:47 pm
Today's post is not a usual ladyboy sex story that we all got used to, but something more romantic, down-to-earth and non-porn. Thanks British Buy for sharing this story and being so brave in making your fantasies real and finding your true love. I wasn't looking when I found her. I wasn't really looking for anything, except perhaps some relief from that late night restlessness when you're too tired to sleep. Her chat name, like her real name, was Agatha. There was no reason to suspect that it hadn't always been so. It was later on Yahoo Messenger that she told me; by which time her photos... [read more]
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January 23, 2015 4:47 pm
Here's an very exciting story from our reader Salty47 who have given his ladyboy GF a blowjob for the first time and then sucked out every last drop of her delicious cum. This post is not at all like my first experience. We met and became good friends. I never gave a thought to her body parts - but she seemed to have a great body. We went out to a lounge in a local hotel with a large group and had a few drinks. The next week I asked her out and she said yes. We dated for a few weeks and had a lot of fun but she never let me get too far. Things kind of cooled between us later we went away... [read more]
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January 21, 2015 4:47 pm
I would go to the library on Tuesday's mainly because I was attracted to the librarian. I never really slept with women but for some reason she really turned me on. I guess it was her age, but I love older men and women (sometimes.) A few weeks ago I struck up a conversation and found out her name was Alice. Alice lived alone and spent most of her time at the library working and reading. I was determined to have those muscular lips around my cock no matter what I had to do. The funny thing was that there was something different about Alice, something I could not quite figure out. She seemed so... [read more]
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January 19, 2015 4:47 pm
My name's Kimmi and I used to be a stripper. I'm a genetic girl, and I always had a wild streak. Guys liked me 'cause of my long blond hair, slender build, and sense of humor. They also liked my 36C breasts :) I danced at a place on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (this is a true story, so I won't use the name). On the outside, it was a dive, but inside it was pretty nice. The stage was gorgeous, had a generous runway, and beautiful lights. I loved dancing there, and I loved working with all the fun people - especially the D.J. I also made friends with the boyfriends of one of the other strippers.... [read more]
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January 17, 2015 4:47 pm
When I left my high school, I decided to go on a gap year and travel the world to see lots of interesting people and ways of life. My first stop was Thailand which was great and I had so much fun partying with my friends as around 5 of us went on the trip. After Thailand the next stop was in Brazil and due to the time of the year the nightlife was truly amazing. We had decided to stay in a rather swanky hotel as this was a dangerous place from what we heard from the guides and people there. The first night out was great and we drank a lot and got to know the clubs nearby before making it ba... [read more]
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January 15, 2015 4:47 pm
Me and a buddy decided to go see a rock concert at the Great Western Forum (that's what the Staples Center was called back then). I was 21 at the time, horny all the time and could never get enough pussy. So we go to the concert in our own cars since his brother lived nearby and he was going there afterward to hang-out for the weekend... no problem. So, after the show I decide to hit some bars in the Hollywood area instead of driving home. I walk into this one place and while leaning against the bar I feel a tap on my left arm... it was a barely passable but none the less hot older light-sk... [read more]
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January 13, 2015 4:47 pm
If you have read my story about the first time I was with a TS girl then you know my experience was limited to just a few times. So about 4 years ago I went to Thailand to visit my buddy who was working there in a high profile job with the Thai government. We stayed in his apartment on the 40th floor of a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, which was pretty nice. I had just turned 39 and was looking forward to my first visit to Thailand and seeing my friend I had not seen in 4 years. Now, I have travelled very much in Asia: PI, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, pacific islands, and Hawaii, but not Thailand... [read more]
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January 11, 2015 4:47 pm
I am a dancer. I love to dance and I would love to do it as a career but it is not often that I can find work. I always check the local job listings and have even travelled for work. Often it is not well paid and the travel costs are more than I get paid but because I like it so much, I tend to do the job anyway. I have recently done a job which was more than I expected. It was advertised in the paper and said that a new pop band needed some help with filming a pop video. It sounded just the sort of thing that I liked to do so I applied and I was given a part as one of the backing dancers. ... [read more]
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January 9, 2015 4:47 pm
So last night when I was browsing the infinite collections on xhamster, i came across a video of a tranny ( <3 ) doing something called "prostate milking". I had never heard of this before so I click on the video to see what it is. First off the lady starring in this video was gorgeous, beautiful tits, great ass and a dick that was killer. During the video this lady first beats off and unloads a massive load of cum all over herself. I noticed that the video was only half over though and that I hadn't seen anything that reselmbled "prostate milking" just a tranny jerking ... [read more]
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No Hands
January 7, 2015 4:47 pm
We arrived at her hotel room. I stood behind her with my arms wrapped around her waist, slowly caressing every inch of her torso, savouring every moment of this long awaited ambition. I buried my face in her hair and lightly kissed the side of her neck. I heard her breath escape in a gasp of anticipation and her body stiffen for a moment as i took in her wonderful scent. She bent down to unlock the door, her prefect ass gently grinding into my crotch. My heart was pounding and my palms were greasy with sweat. I knew this was goin to be good.We entered to room and she turned to me and put he... [read more]
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