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October 15, 2011 4:29 am
RULES OF THE GAME Where Vivian's mother lays out exactly what she expects from her son if he wants to keep her onside and help him to achieve his dream. Vivian went into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was whistling, there was a spring in his step. "You've been ages... hello, what's this?" His mother indicated the towel. "And please stop whistling. You know I hate anything shrill." "What's the matter, Mummy? You sound annoyed. Have I done something wrong?" Vivian looked at the simple set of white underwear laid out on the bed, and... [read more]
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October 15, 2011 12:29 am
Still sitting beside Vivian, his mother put the catalogue down and shuffled closer so he could feel the warmth of her thigh against him. She took hold of his right hand, brought it to her lips and kissed it. “Can you do it left-handed?” she said, squeezing his fingers affectionately. “Mum, I am left-handed.” She giggled. “Silly me… so you are.” Her cheeks were glowing bright pink. She guided Vivian’s hand down to her knee and flattened his palm on it. The feel of the black stockings quickened his pulse. He could feel his willpower eb... [read more]
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October 14, 2011 8:29 pm
Vivian flipped through his mum's mail order catalogue, turning to his favourite bit -- the lingerie section. She had asked him to choose something for his birthday, a new fishing rod perhaps, a couple of golfing irons to add to his set, or maybe even some new clothes. The catalogue provided some welcome respite from the maths homework he should have been concentrating on. The funny thing was - it was the garments in which the sexy models posed, rather than their bodies that held him spellbound. How fantastic it would be to dress in something like that. He drifted off into a salacious day... [read more]
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October 14, 2011 4:29 pm
I. I woke up. Even after having taken over the House of Lesslie weeks ago, each morning was still the same, and came with the same feeling of disorientation, in need of a few moments to adjust to the realities around me, as new as they were. The bedroom around me was still darkened by heavy, burgundy curtains that allowed only a sliver of the early morning's light into these old halls, waiting for the mansion's thick walls to be woken up by it, a caress much softer than what I would have preferred. Still, I woke up. Stretching myself around the latex sheeting that had replaced m... [read more]
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October 14, 2011 12:29 pm
I. The mansion hadn't changed, not all that much, from how I remembered it. If at all, it had aged gracefully, as only English mansions can ¬ a massive Edwardian building that had served Lords and Ladies, had housed masters and servants for centuries. Around it, at a respectful distance, were smaller buildings that rose up from the moist English ground and lining the road to my right and left. There had been a village here, once, so my mother had told me, but as my family's wealth and influence had grown, so had the mansion, until the grounds owned by the Leslies had simply swallo... [read more]
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October 14, 2011 8:29 am
The beeping began, suddenly, and without remorse. Jan reached over, slapped the off button on her alarm, and lay for a moment debating the merits of rising out of bed. Deciding that waking up would be more productive, she slid out of bed, stood, and walked to the bathroom to take a leak. Emptied, she walked to the mirror and surveyed herself. She rubbed her eyes for a moment, which were dry from having slept with her contacts in. Her hair was a mess, knotted and ratty, and the extra weight she had been putting on recently was beginning to show in her breasts. 'Damn, she thought, I'll hav... [read more]
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My Choice
October 14, 2011 4:29 am
A scream vibrated through the mall. "My wife must have just woke up from her hypnotic trance," a man said to himself, sitting on a bench near the ladies bathroom. I was the one who let out this loud scream. I awoke from a sleep looking at someone I had never seen before. Staring back at me in the mirror. What I found staring back at me was a beautiful twenty-four year old woman. Wearing a blouse showing off plenty of cleavage. Wearing a mini skirt showing off an hour class figure. My very feminine looking legs were incased in a pair of sheer black pantyhose. I was wearing on... [read more]
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October 14, 2011 12:29 am
The shadows of late afternoon crept across the city when Susan paid the cabbie off. Why had 'he' wanted her to come down to this neighborhood? She looked around with apprehension at the garish lights of bars and adult bookstores flashing in the growing darkness. One or two streetlights flickered on and off trying to light up in the darkening shadows. A warm midsummer breeze shuffled bits of garbage and paper in the gutters along the sidewalk. Homeless men and women sat or sprawled in boarded up doorways. This area is ripe for reclamation the business side of her mind noted. She walked purpo... [read more]
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October 13, 2011 8:29 pm
The chauffer passed through a gate in the high brick fence just as the sun started to slide behind the distant snow capped mountains. The cobblestone driveway that wandered toward the main house must have been a mile or more long. Susan admired the immaculately landscaped grounds as they drove through them. The few out buildings she saw looked old but were still in what seemed to be in perfect repair as they loomed in the deepening shadows. The main house was immense towering three or four stories above the tall columned entryway. The limousine stopped at the long broad steps below the colu... [read more]
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October 13, 2011 4:29 pm
Well Susan had done it she would never be Stan again. She called her uncle and asked him to come to her up town apartment. Before she could give him the address, he told her he already knew where it was. That had been creepy and scared her. His only remark when she let him in was, "you look lovely. I knew you were going to do this. I just didn't know when. " She looked at him aghast. "How could have possible known? I've been very careful." "You had a second cousin who did the same thing. You gave all the same signals he did so I've had people watching you. Sad... [read more]
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October 13, 2011 12:29 pm
Stan/Susan wondered how he/she could have gotten herself into this particular fix. This week Stan was at Sue's posh apartment so was living as a woman. The large good-looking gentleman kneeling between her spread legs was very firm about what he wanted her to do. "After you suck my cock I'm going to fuck you," he said, in a low firm voice, "you'll love it before I'm through. I'll be very gentle since I know you're a virgin." "But I'm not a woman, "Sue said, trying not to like the feel of his strong large hands on her thighs as they pushed her dress higher. ... [read more]
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October 13, 2011 8:29 am
I decided to treat myself. It was my birthday. Unfortunately, I was stuck on the road traveling for business again. I am, Dan, 45, married, relatively attractive white male. Strong arms, slim waist, rugby player type. Neatly trimmed full beard, 5'9, and 190 pounds. I returned to my hotel after the leaving the clients. After a workout, steam and shower, I was in the mood for a drink and nice dinner. I redressed in my suit and tie and headed out. Not knowing the city particularly well, I wandered across the street into a nice bar near my hotel. The place was half full with a well dressed crow... [read more]
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October 13, 2011 4:29 am
"Five Years Gone" "Hi, this is Maribel." Her voice was a little more throaty and lower than I had envisioned, but that along with her Spanish accent made her even more alluring. I kept running her photos through my mind while I answered: "Hey Maribel, I was hoping to come and see you this morning if that's okay." "Oh, sure sweetie, I'll be ready--I just got out the tub. Can you give me another thirty minutes to finish up, baby?" I checked my watch, figuring that I was just about a half-hour's ride from her area of town anyway. "Yes I ... [read more]
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October 13, 2011 12:29 am
I like penises. More specifically, I like circumcised penises. And I like balls, big or small. I prefer scrotums that, when they rise, high and tight, are smooth, although they may be wrinkled when relaxed. I like asses, too, especially feminine asses. Men's asses, to be attractive to me, must be sleek, compact, and firm. I like medium- to small-size tits and dislike large, floppy mammary glands with big, protruding nipples. I don't care for cunts, except, perhaps, the hairless, dimple type. I prefer Caucasians to Asians, and Asians to African-Americans or Latinos, and I favor blondes over bru... [read more]
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October 12, 2011 8:29 pm
"Don't get too excited, Scott. I'm just here for my dvds..." Scott watched the blood rush to his ex fiance's face in embarrassment as she thought she walked in on him with another woman, then he watched it drain away again as she took notice of the piece of meat dangling between Ura's legs. "Omigod Scott! Is that a penis?! Are you gay?! Omigod!" "Wait, Denise. Denise! Calm down!" said Scott. "How can I be calm when I walk in on you with a man?! A BLACK man?!" Scott's face hardened. "Ura is not a man. Ura is a beautiful genie. If yo... [read more]
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October 12, 2011 4:29 pm
Scott leaned back on his couch and enjoyed the magical efforts of his new best friend, Ura the ebon genie goddess. His jaw ached slightly from paying for the oral loving he was then receiving, but as always it was worth it. It had been a few days since he found the magical pocketwatch that contained his new wish granting lover, and he had come to accept the arrangement of paying, sexually, in advance of having his wish granted. After the second or third time, servicing her fourteen inches of uncut black meat had become much more bearable. Her magic kept him from gagging as long as he didn't wi... [read more]
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